About Me

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As an intelligence analyst and a seasoned digital strategist, Hessie Jones continues to challenge the notion of complacency. With extensive experience in technology including start-ups, banking, advertising and social media, Hessie has held management positions at Yahoo!, Citi, ONE Advertising and Aegis Media.

Launch successes like Yahoo! Answers propelled Hessie into the world of social media. As an active blogger for Huffington Post, Steamfeed, SAP, Talent Culture and WhatsYourTech, Hessie is a purveyor for understanding and adapting to change: in marketing practices, in communication, in understanding the evolving consumer mindset and behavior, and in the emergence of data technologies that will force traditional organizations to adapt. 

Hessie is personally passionate about social justice: raising awareness for economically disadvantaged in Canada and abroad, and promoting stories of progress like NGOs in developing countries; and climate departure and how this will impact future generations.

Currently, Hessie is the Founder of ArCompany, helping companies realize the value of social intelligence and its impact on the inevitable next level of social business. She’s also a cellist, start-up advisor, a speaker, adjunct professor, wife and hockey mom.